PREMIERE: The Perfect Addiction — "Slow Motion"

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The Perfect Addiction released their second EP, Ecstasy, late last summer and didn't waste any time writing and recording new music. Today, we're excited to premiere a new single from the Chandler, Arizona-based pop punk quartet. Stream the motivating and melodic "Slow Motion" above and read vocalist/guitarist Kyle Kovalchick's insightful story behind the song below.

“‘Slow Motion’ is easily the song that we've had the biggest struggle with so far. We really wanted to spontaneously write a song while we were in the studio. It took far longer to write because it was so on the spot. Once the ball started rolling it took no time at all. But we spent close to three full days in the studio racking our brains trying to bust out a killer song.

"We wanted to stray away from the common love theme so we picked another daily struggle. What we came up with was so fitting to what we were going through at that exact moment. Everyone goes through the monotony of daily life and just trying to fight your way through that. It’s about just learning to relax and take life one second at a time. That’s exactly where we were at the time. We were trying so hard to write a song that just didn't want to be written but when we finally stopped forcing it we came up with an amazing song.

"It turned out to be, for lack of a better word, one of our most poppy songs to date. We didn't necessarily intend for that to be the case, but it’s always interesting to see where songs go when they start to hit the recording table. The track was recorded with Curtis Douglas (The Maine, This Century) who recorded our last album. It’s always a fun time to record with him and we're never disappointed with the final product. We hope you guys enjoy our newest song ‘Slow Motion’.”

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