PREMIERE: The Past Haunts' Raucous 'Prom Hit From Last Summer' Encapsulates The Philadelphia Spirit

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When people think about the hard-charging nature of Philadelphians, Eagles or Flyers games serves as the quintessential examples of rowdiness. In the latest video from The Past Haunts, apparently there's a new party in town. Taking place at the Wells Fargo Center, the two minute video features all of the rowdiness and mayhem associated with the city, but at a wing eating contest. Who knew that these events were the biggest party in town?

Based in Los Angeles, the band is the brainchild of Travis Shettel, who is backed by husband-wife duo Ben and Heather Heywood.

"The song came out of an absolutely terrible and unintentional parody of a John Mayer song that we wrote while ham-boned at our studio," Ben Heywood says. "When we sobered up, we took the one part of the song that worked and then Travis wrote that banger of a chorus and BAM! a hit was born.

"For the video, we wanted to tie in two aspects: 1) the idea that in our natural state, humans are wild animals and 2) that people in Philly are a great example of this. Luckily (music video director) Max Barbakow had shot a ton of debaucherous footage for an upcoming documentary on what an average night out in Philadelphia is like and agreed to cut some of the highlights into a video for us."

The band's upcoming EP, Reality Bones, will be released later this year.

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