PREMIERE: The Killing Floor — "Corruption Capital"

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The Killing Floor have been hard at work this year recording their sophomore full-length, and though we won't see the final result until early next year, the New-York-by-way-of-London alt-rock quartet is giving us a little taste of what to expect. Today, we're excited to premiere the band's first single off the upcoming album, "Corruption Capital." Pulling from influences like Muse and the Foo Fighters, the track is a seamless blend of melody and gritty, political rock. Stream "Corruption Capital" above.

"'Corruption Capital' was actually an idea that the band had knocking around for a while," rhythm guitarist/background vocalist Oliver Alberici begins. "It started out life as a simple chord progression that I had but didn't really know what to do with. That was until one well-oiled and rather foggy night in Marco's basement. We were jamming at his studio space in Brooklyn, and he was on the drums. He played me that 6/8 beat which sounded great and I thought 'Hello I might have something for that,' played the chords and we both realised we we had the beginnings of a decent tune.

"The next day Mark was over and we excitedly played him our previous night's discovery. He then picked up the bass as Marco was still hammering the kit and started with that driving bass rhythm. After a few more beers and a few more tweaks, we had the rough bones of the song down. Then for whatever reason we kinda left it for a while. It works like that sometimes. We always have a number of ideas floating around and when we feel the time is right, we'll pick them out and work on them again. That point came probably a good year or so later. We had worked on a rough melody and lyrical idea in between but it wasn't until we were writing and rehearsing at Stonehouse Studios in England, which is in an old converted barn in the Surrey countryside, that the song really came together. Pete hits his drums hard so straight away the beat sounded great and we were all cooking. That's when Mark came up with that guitar riff over the chorus, which really took it to eleven!

"We then finished writing the lyrics and melody and took it to Stronghold studios near Brighton to be recorded by producer Gez Walton, who did a fantastic job. He really managed to accentuate all the different parts and got some really cool sounds out of us. The song is basically an anti-establishment song, and a call to rebel at the continuous greed and corruption of our generation by the powers controlling us. Yet at the same time, the ability and desire to look to the future with optimism and hope. I think this is a frustration a lot of people are beginning to feel nowadays, so hopefully it will strike a chord with some folks. And if it doesn't, then hopefully they can just enjoy jumping around and rocking out to it for four minutes. I know we do."

The "Corruption Capital" single is set for a September 30 release and can be purchased through iTunes

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