PREMIERE: Suitcase Junket — "Evangeline"

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Suitcase Junket may not sound like it, but it's the one-man operation of singer/songwriter Matt Lorenz. The Massachusetts native has a new album coming out next month, and we're premiering is his dirty, raw tale of femme fatale "Evangeline." On this mix of raw folk rock and dirty indie rock, Lorenz showcases his vast talents and its apparent on his mastery of several instruments.

"Pretty sure this song is about being in love with the wrong person," he says. "Someone who just keeps hurting you over and over again; star-crossed but not in a nice way. It's also about a badass woman who doesn't take any shit. We need lots of those right now.

"As for the implied violence in the tune, I see that as a slapstick device helping to insinuate deeper whatnots within human emotion fields."

Suitcase Junket's Pile Driver is out April 21 on Signature Sounds.

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