PREMIERE: Stream Sleep In's Debut Album, 'Settling,' In Its Entirety

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You may or may not have heard of the Progress. The jangly, New Jersey-based emo outfit operated under relative obscurity but managed to become one of the more influential acts of its time. After disbanding, Evan Weiss started Into It. Over It., and now, five years later, guitarist Eric McNelis started his own project. Sleep In could be considered an emo revivalist band, drawing comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, Look Mexico, and This Town Needs Guns, but their sound is far from "copy cat," and their debut album, Settling, proves that. We are excited to share the full album a day before its official release. Stream Settling in its entirety above.

"Things clicked really quickly when we formed Sleep In, and writing the songs on Settling was a very organic process," says guitarist Joe Francolino. "Initially, the thought of doing an LP hadn't even crossed our minds, but within no time we had a bunch of material that we were extremely excited about. Since we record in the same basement we rehearse in, and because we already had all these new tracks ready to go, we figured why not just do a full length?"

Settling comes out on April 29 via Hide Away Records. Pre-order your copy here.

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