PREMIERE: Shotty — "Love Mess"

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Formed in Seattle in 2013, Shotty moved to Los Angeles to spread their brand of energy driven fuzzy rock. Over the past two years, they've methodically done exactly that. Now, with a new EP on the horizon, the band's trademark nerd-angst and video game imagery is on display on the song we're premiering today, "Love Mess." On top of the group's guitars, they've added a new element: heavy synths with gives their sound a new dimension.

"Love Mess is a fun song about intergalactic adventures, comic book nostalgia, and how messy things get when love is involved," says guitarist Pat Moon. "It was a difficult song to write because, much like love, it had its own idea where it wanted to go, and only when I let it run free did it really start to settle into its groove.

"Love Mess is a song about the moment when love falls apart and the imaginations churn out sci-fi fantasies in an attempt to justify the painful facts: love always starts as a mess and ends as a mess, but right in the middle there we can get lost in the stars and enjoy ourselves, forgetting that nothing lasts forever.”

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