PREMIERE: Sharks' Teeth — "It's Bad For You"

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Synth pop and New Orleans aren't sound that are generally synoymous with one another. But veteran quintet Sharks' Teeth are out to change that. Now seven years and after an incredible 16 albums, the band is gearing up for another release next month. Ahead of that, however, comes their entertaining video for "It's Bad For You." The three-minute track is action-packed with a guy who slowly peels off clothing as the song's pace picks up.

"The inspiration for the video was a dream I had," Devin Hildebrand says of the clip. "I dreamt I was watching someone strip off endless layers of clothing while walking forward and glitching in rhythm to this song. I woke up and texted Tyler immediately and we made it happen shortly after."

Sharks' Teeth's It Transfer & Grows is available September 2nd on 12” vinyl via Gigantic Noise and cassette via Community Records. You can pre-order the vinyl and cassette.

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