PREMIERE: Stream Oreo Jones' 'Cash For Gold'

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For better or worse, when hip hop heads think about their favorite genre, the Midwest generally doesn't get a fair shake. Overlooking and sometimes mocked, the Midwestern scene is actually a lot more vibrant than you'd think. Enter Oreo Jones. The wildly eclectic rapper started off in punk before pivoting into making some pretty strong outsider hip hop. We're premiering his Cash For Gold album that showcases his vast talents in fusing multiple genres into his own sound. The scuzzy "Goldust," the swaying of "Fholston Paradise" and the slick of "Stevie Nicks House" are among the standout tracks.

"Cash For Gold is a nod to those ubiquitous pawnshops signs that seem to blot every poor and working class inner city neighborhood," Jones says. "The signs entice people to turn over their most valued treasures for a quick hit of cash they so desperately need.

"On the contrary I look at it as finding wealth in memories, experiences, family, and life. That is the story of this record. Everyone has potential to become the wealthiest person in the planet."

Oreo Jones' Cash For Gold is out May 13 via Rad Summer / Holy Infinite Freedom Revival.

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