PREMIERE: MAP — "Half Like Me"

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Singer/songwriter Josh Dooley has been recording under the moniker of MAP for a while. After a lengthy absence due to his contracting the West Nile Virus that left him briefly paralyzed from the neck, he's back with a new EP. You can check out his latest tune to emerge from that with "Half Like That." The moody, yet melodic tune explores nostalgia and is optimistic.

"The song is about this feeling when an old love that has moved on comes up in your mind and you have this nostalgia for the good times and would give anything for them to just say they remember your name," Dooley says.

"The ending of the song is that hopeful fool thinking 'They wont say they love me but things can change and besides we are kissing now so maybe that is love enough?'

"Musically the chords and the theme of the lyrics came to me instantly. When I started recording it was a synth bass line and a dreamy guitar line. Mike Perez then added some synths that sounded like Depeche Mode to me. . . . so I decided to double down and try to make the song sound like if all my favorite musicians from yesteryear, like if The Cure, The Smiths, New Order and Depeche Mode had all collaborated on a song in 1986, Though of course their version would have been much better!"

Listen above.

MAP's Hello Singularity EP is out on June 16 via Velvet Blue Music.

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