PREMIERE: Love Ghost — "Forgive Me"

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Los Angeles-based rockers Love Ghost are inspired by '90s grunge, and that translate into their sound and aesthetic. Listening to them, you'd be stunned to learn that they're teenagers. Their new monumental video for "Forgive Me." Clocking in at over 10 minutes, the epic video that starts off with Tarantino-esque vibe before things devolve from there. As for the song, well, this band can play and if they're able to harness the talents demonstrated on this tune, the future is beyond promising for them.

"The video is about a journey one takes to forgive their self, it shows how a relic from your past can have the power to be a nefarious omen in the future," singer Finn Bell says. "We can only run from our pasts for so long, until eventually we greet our self made demons face to face. The liberation in confronting your past, could have the power to make you forgive."

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