PREMIERE: Stream Kosha Dillz's 'What I Do All Day & Pickle'

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It's hard to believe that Israeli-American rapper Kosha Dillz is ready to release his third album. Yet here we are with What I Do All Day & Pickle and don't let the title and album art, which is a spoof of Velvet Underground & Nico, fool you: this is an album of heavy-hitting bangers. Featuring the likes of Matisyahu, Mickey Shiloh and Flex Mathews, the collection of songs is some the rapper's finest work yet.

"What I do all day and pickle was a bunch of mistakes and errors and trials in my daily life in LA," the rapper says. "It was different for me to source five different producers and change the project from an what I do all day EP to a different title LP with so many guests. True story that you can ask for help to get your best work done. I would street perform during the day to make cash to pay for studio time.

"When I turned to an LP , I added the song 'Dodging Bullets' with Matisyahu Months later after I made the song about Kraków - after visiting concentration camps in Poland. I always include every aspect of my life in a record. Hebrew Spanish records. Jewish influenced records. Party records. Meaningful records. Meaningless records. Relationship records. I'm grateful the way it came out."

Kosha Dillz's What I Do All Day & Pickle is out now via Oy Vey! Records.

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