PREMIERE: Ideomotor — "Away From Here"

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When Erkka Wennonen & Kimmo Myllyviita first became pals as teens living in Finland, they never intended on making music together. When Myllyviita left for Switzerland, only then did they get the itch. Zipping ideas back and forth via Dropbox, the duo, who became the newly Christened Ideomotor, discovered an affinity for a blend of post-punk meet synth pop that recalls some of the great in the genre. On "Away From Here," the duo channel more of the synth pop edge from the 1980s than anything else. Featuring club-inspired synths paced by a steady drumbeat, the song's soaring vocals are what really powers the anthemic track.

"The song in itself doesn’t carry our normal 'pop format,' the duo explains. "In the beginning we didn’t really know what was going to come out of it, but we liked the atmosphere and the melodies we had.

"In musical terms instead of changing the chord structure there’s several modulations towards the end of the song which we thought sounded interesting. Not just modulating once or twice, but it keeps on going back and forth. We also have to give a big credit to our session bass player Lauri Hämäläinen for the awesome and super difficult bass lick that becomes the foundation of the latter part of the song - “play something a guitarist would” was his only guideline to the riff!"

Ideomotor's first live show will take place in Helsinki, Finland on January 23.

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