PREMIERE: Drop the Gun — "All I Want"

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Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Sara Savery, aka Drop the Gun, has branched out from being known for working with others to developing her own diverse sound. The experimental soundings are evident on "All I Want." Taking traditional song structure, and flipping it with atmospheric beats, soothing vocals and urgent lyrics, the song showcases the Danish-born singer's vast talents.

"'All I Want' was originally an instrumental track that I had been working on," Savery says of the song. "I then started singing along to it kinda like a jam. It was sort of just like an outburst of emotions that became a really good fit I guess. I had been listening to a lot of different music styles stretching from old soul music, Indonesian drum groups, Kanye West to Damien Jurado. The inspiration is all in there."

Listen above.

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