PREMIERE: Brett Gleason — "Expiration Date"

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Singer/songwriter Brett Gleason has a new album coming out in April and has already shared a single from the record. The video for the single, "Expiration Date," reflects the dirge like quality that's reflected in the emotionally moving clip, where Gleason doesn't let a word or moment be wasted. It's a personal tune that has had a profound effect on the singer, and the video took a long time for him to conceptualize.

"The 'Expiration Date' video took almost a year to make," he says. "Whereas the song is a general take on the temporary nature of love and life, the video became more personal with each shoot - the photograph at the start is a picture of me with my first boyfriend (back when I had short hair) and the cemetery we shot in is one where I've mourned too many friends.

"Ultimately, whether dealing with loves loss from death or otherwise, it becomes increasingly difficult to be present in a relationship with the knowledge that every love that's come before has come to an end, and you will too.

Brett Gleason's Manifest is out on April 14.

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