PREMIERE: Ariana Delawari — "The Wonderment"

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Los Angeles-based artist Ariana Delawari has a lot more going on than just her music. She's a political activist and an award-winning filmmaker on top of her tunes, which makes it easy to wonder how she's got time to do anything, nevertheless create such superb material. The David Lynch-endorsed musician, however, first and foremost, is a terrific songwriter, as demonstrated on "The Wonderment," which is on her new double album that's out today, and a song we're premiering. As you can hear the two different versions, one from each disc or record or whatever, Delawari's songwriting chops and indie pop are on full display.

"'The Wonderment' is one of my favorite songs compositionally and melodically on both versions of the album," she explains. "I wrote the song on the piano, and, when I was finished, I felt it was everything that makes me happy about making a song. Lyrically, it is a love song, but sort of about a lover who is so similar to you that you are afraid of one another. So it's a beautiful kind of love, but a scary kind of love too.

"Compositionally, I wanted to make something that keeps changing, like how love changes. Butchy recorded me playing a demo of it on a prophet synthesizer, then he created a world of sound around it. At one point as he was making the beats for it, I remember saying to him 'I think it needs to be more sparse, like pre historic alien elephants walking on the moon.'

"Then Heather McIntosh added a cello arrangement to the end of the song. With the other version, the one I made with Salar Nader on Entelechy II, we approached it the same way. I recorded the piano and vocal parts, then Salar arranged and performed his tabla parts around the melodic composition. It's the only song on that second album that has a tanpura drone as well."

Ariana Delawari's Entelechy is out now.

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