Nickelback Spoofs Nickelback in Video Response to Online Petition

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You've got to hand it to Nickelback (at least this once).

Despite having an online petition signed by over 55,000 people and experiencing near-universal backlash at the announcement that they would be providing the half-time entertainment at this year's tasty Thanksgiving Day matchup at Detroit between the Lions and Packers, Nickelback didn't bat an eye. Instead, they took the ire in stride and jumped on the bandwagon to make fun of themselves in a Funny or Die video featuring Paul Scheer (FX's The League). Seeking out a smarmy record exec to revamp their image and make them more appealing to the citizens of Detroit, the band dresses up as local heroes Robocop, Tom Selleck, and Dave Coulier among others, and light-heartedly discuss "making love" to goats. 

Of course, if you already signed up for NICKELBLOCK, then you're missing out on this little gem. 

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