New Year's Resolutions from Your Favorite Bands

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It's that time of year again: time for noisemakers, funny hats, glitter and fireworks. Most importantly, though, it's time for resolutions. Whether we want to do better at our jobs or in school, give ourselves more time for the things we do for fun, or just want to eat less candy, New Year's eve is the time to evaluate what you've made of the year, and figure out what you want to make of the one to come. We're really excited for 2012 here at PureVolume. There have been some big changes in 2011 and we're going to keep on trying to make the site better, faster and stronger for you. 

Enough about us, though, PV is all about the bands (and fans), right? We got some of our biggest bands of the year to tell us what they hope for the year ahead, and made a playlist to go along with it! Listen and read, and then tell us what your resolutions are!

My Arcadia: Meet as many new fans around the country as possible. Especially out west, where we haven't been around yet!

Floral Terrace: No more peeing in bottles in the van! Too many mishaps.

Ryan Dunson, Rookie of the Year: My New Year's resolution is to not die in the six planes I have to take for my overseas tour in the UK and Singapore.

Taylor Thrash: Start using the words "dance" and "party" in EVERY ONE of my songs. Test the waters and see if I can pull off leather pants. Write and record a killer full-length released in February 2012.

Nick Miley, The Spin Room: Never pass up a good thing and take nothing for granted along the way.

Tim Noyes, Aunt Martha: Drink classier drinks -- everybody's saying terrible beer and whiskey makes you age faster and looks are very, very important to me. Get better at shredding electric guitar -- no more strumming for this guy. Sell the van before it breaks into a million tiny pieces.

Alex Varkatzas, I Am War: To make the most brutal record I have ever been a part of.

Sammy Gonzalez, Jacobs Ladder: I've held off on going to Europe for years and I've told myself that my first time will be on a tour with Jacobs ladder. My new years resolution is to tour europe, 2012! Of course before the world ends.

Joshua Koterba, Sail By the Stars: Tour as much as I possibly can, write and release tons of new music, and enjoy the little things in life.

Everyone Dies in Utah: To release a new album Spring of 2012 and to tour until the wheels fall off of the van...replace them, and then tour more!

Farewell Fighter: We're a band that believes in celebrating the little things. I'd expect more high five / low five combos in 2012. And maybe a new record.

Nathan Leone, Madina Lake: I want to commit much more time and energy to a book I'm writing. it's called "Don't Love, Me Judge Me" and basically sums up every moronic and juvenile situation Matthew and I have either inherited created or stumbled upon since day one.

Chelsea Grin: Our new years resolution is to gain some goddamn weight.

Jeramiah Pauly, Pentimento: Every few months we set goals as a band to shoot for. We decided that for 2012 we'd make a New Year's resolution to play at least 1 show in every single state in the United States. We figured hey ... if we want to take over the world we might as well start in the states! Happy Holidays!

David Diaz, This Romantic Tragedy: A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. New year, same goal!

The After Party: 1) Improve our eating habits while on the road! We want to commit to eating a whole foods, plant-based diet -- no more spicy Cheetos! 2) Exercise consistently. 3) Sleep more. There is nothing like a full nights rest to keep the mind and body fresh and focused on the task at hand.

Billy McCarthy, We Are AugustinesTour tour tour. Europe, festivals, producing our Abbey Road EP, and writing... and enjoying the downtime when we get it!"

The Icarus Account: To do our first ever overseas tour and for Katy Perry to cover one of our songs ;), and our personal goals are for Ty to take a picture of something every day, and for Trey to work out and become as strong and buff as Ty ;) 

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