Jack's Mannequin to Play Final Show in November

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Andrew McMahon closes yet another chapter in his musical journey with the announcement that Jack's Mannequin are set to play their final show on November 11, during McMahon's Dear Jack benefit show in LA. "There have been a great many changes taking place in my world and I wanted to take this opportunity to briefly share them with you," McMahon shared on his newly launched website. "At the heart of this change is the closing of a very important chapter in my life, one that is no doubt close to all of us. On November 11th, in Los Angeles at the 3rd annual Dear Jack benefit, my band and I will perform our last set as Jack’s Mannequin." We'll pause to give you those of you not in California a moment to control your emotions — and potentially seek flight information. 

McMahon continued on, "These are not easy words to write but I truly believe that the ending of this chapter will give birth to something beautiful. I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given, not just to me, but also to Bobby, Jay, Mikey and Jon over the last 7 years. We are eager to take the stage on the 11th and play these songs that have scored nearly a decade of our lives, for you, the people who have given them a home. It feels both fated and appropriate that the profits from this show go to supporting young adults affected by cancer."

McMahon made the decision to retire the Jack's Mannequin name quite some time ago, and made note of his plans to continue forth with various other projects when he launched his new website two weeks ago, but this announcement brings true closure to the end of an era. Luckily, just as Something Corporate fans had JM to look forward to in those final days, so to do we have more to look forward to from McMahon as he continues on. "You can continue to chart my progress at andrewmcmahon.com, as well as @amslingshots on Twitter and @amnthewilderness on Instagram," he closed. "As more develops during this transition for both my band mates and myself, I will be keeping you up to speed via one or more of these newly adopted spaces. I look forward to seeing you on the 11th to celebrate the music I have had the joy of creating as jacks mannequin. It will be a beautiful night."

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