In Dying Arms Premiere New Album Boundaries + Read the Exclusive Track-by-Track Commentary

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Only a few days after premiering their monstrous new song, "Running Out Of Time," In Dying Arms are back to premiere their entire new album, Boundaries. Much like the first taste "Running Out Of Time" presented, these ten tracks provide a sucker-punch of metal instrumentation, deatchore vocal parts, and dark, ambient undertones. Tracks like "The Core of My Existence" and "Blind To The Truth" sparkle with the integration of melodic breakdowns, while tracks like "Dominus" and "Bathed In Salt," featuring Attila's Fronz, shine in their ability to maintain a heaviness of sound that's as relentless as it is intoxicating. And while we could go on for paragraphs about what you'll find here, we'll leave the rest to the band, who was kind enough to share the exclusive track-by-track you'll find below. 

Give the album a spin and grab it when it drops September 25 via Artery Recordings. We also have two exclusive In Dying Arms t-shirts to give away to those who follow both PV and the band on Twitter, and re-tweet this tweet about the album premiere before Monday [September 24] at 3PM EST. You can also enter to win one of two signed copies of the album by heading here and reviewing entry rules and details. 

1. "Second Best": This opening track sticks well with our old "deathchore" sound from our earlier records. With a slow down twist close to the end of the song, come soothing cleans to add the mood. The leads in the ending section really make the song shine.

2. "Running Out Of Time": We took a more post-hardcore route on this track to mix things up. We added more riffs and notes for the verses from some of our metalcore routes. We're glad with how it turned out. We added a very catchy clean chorus to match the uppity feeling of the instruments.

3. "The Core Of My Existence": We released this song as a single for New Years of 2012. The song got great reception so we decided to re-record it for the record. This song is about not being accepted for what you are and feel a lot of people could relate.

4. "Bathed In Salt": While recording 'Boundaries' in the studio, we heard about the Miami "Bath Salt" incidents and we figured it would be a great idea for a song. Fronz from Attila was interested in the idea as well. I guess you could say this song was a spur of the moment thing. This song was one of the only songs with no lyrics written previously to getting into the studio so it worked perfectly to add Fronz in with his lyrics.

5. "Horizons": Horizons is a band personal favorite. It has a dark yet melodic feeling throughout. This song is about moving on from your past and looking forward. Follow the sun, follow the light.

6. "Blind To The Truth": This song is one we are more proud of on the record. The melodic lead in the background stays throughout to give it more life, which we've never done before. "Blind To The Truth" is about moving forward with life but focusing too much on what's already happened. A song almost anybody can relate to.

7. "My Rise And Fall": This song really stands out strong with its happy feelings guitars. The track is about finding yourself.

8. "Dominus": This track is about feeling invincible. The heaviest track.

9. "GOREgeous": This is a re-make of one of our oldest tracks we released in 2008. It came out even heavier since back then we tuned in Drop C tuning. All lyrics are the same, which are about a rape scene.

10. "11:11": This song was written to be an instrumental, but we decided to make it a full song. Orion wanted to add mostly cleans to this to end the album on an emotional note.

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