The PV List: Hawthorne Heights Share 'Most Memorable Shows' List

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Hawthorne Heights have built up quite the list of tour credentials over the years, which means they have more than a few good road stories. Currently en route their "Summer of Hope" tour, in support of their recently-released Hope EP [via their own Cardboard Empire], we decided to pick their brains to find the most memorable shows they've played thus far. From sold-out arenas and Warped Tour, to a friend's garage, these nine shows span all venue sizes and locations, and they each pack memories that range from hilarious to nostalgic. Check it out, spin the new tune "New Winter," and check out their Facebook to see when the "Summer of Hope" tour will hit a city near you.

1. 2004 Sacramento, CA @ The Broadwalk: This was the first show, of our first real tour, supporting a bigger band [Silverstein and Emery]. We drove for 2.5 days straight from Dayton, OH, only stopping to get food and to go to the bathroom, to make the first day of the tour. Our journey took us across route 50 — the "Loneliest Road in America" — a road where you must stop at every gas station otherwise risk breaking down. The show was so hot, Casey threw-up on stage. Micah smacked himself in the head with his guitar, resulting in blood pouring down his face.

2. 2005 Warped Tour @ Columbus, OH: Our first festival performance ever and first show on Warped. This year's tour kicked off in Columbus, which was essentially a hometown show for us. Making it more special, we had just heard that our album was certified Gold prior to arriving.

3. 2005 Warped Tour @ Detroit, MI: This still remains as the biggest crowd we've ever played in front of — an estimated 30,000 people!

4. 2006 Late Night With Conan O'Brien: We had played Jimmy Kimmel twice before, yet you still never really get used to the pressure of national TV performances. For me, it was much more nerve-racking, as drumming legend Max Weinberg was watching me play, arms-crossed, from behind his drumset 20 feet away.

5. 2006 Fall Out Boy, All-American Rejects, From First To Last @ Albany, NY: This was the first show of the Black Clouds And Underdogs Tour. It was also our first arena show. While we had played to bigger crowds on Warped the summer before, performing to a sold-out arena is breathtaking. This was the first time I've ever been nervous playing a regular show.

6. 2006 Nintendo Fusion Tour @ New York, NY: Just a great show on our biggest headlining tour. Roseland was packed to capacity. This was the biggest NY show we've ever played on our own. I remember it because our lighting rig cut out, and we played a song in the dark as our light guy scurried around frantically, attempting to fix the problem.

7. 2007 Majestic @ Detroit, MI: This show will go down as the worst show we've ever played — and not because JT's voice was so blown out that he literally couldn't talk between songs, leading Casey and Matt to openly make fun of him while we were performing [because that was actually hilarious!]. This was the last show we ever played with Casey. He passed away in his sleep that night on our way to DC. We miss you Casey!

8. 2011 Harrisburg, PA @ Skid Row Garage: We were on a small headline tour with the band Handguns. Our show in Allentown canceled last minute. Handguns, being from the area, had a friend that occasionally threw shows in his garage/rehearsal space. With one day's notice, we booked the show. We turned up and had no idea what to expect — yup, a garage practice space. Then, about 100 kids showed up and crammed into a room that should've only held about 25. The show was amazing! Big things come in small packages!

9. 2011 Whitesburg, KY @ Tourism Building [aka, Post Office]: We were driving through the Knoxville area, and previously had a day-off planned. We always prefer to play a show then take a day off while we're on tour, so Handguns' merch guy, Tucker, called a friend he knew in Whitesburg. We're driving up to the show and there's literally no cell phone service at all. 'What did we get ourselves into?' we thought. We pull up, and there are kids everywhere. The show ended up being about 500 people packed into a room that was fit for about 300, no stage, and a PA that had one mic. This was just like the shows we had started off playing in. Kids huddled around us to get a good spot. We kicked off and the place literally erupted. Kids crowd surfing, singing-along and going absolute ape-shit. People literally had to stand in front of my kick drum in order to hold the crowd back and prevent people from falling on top of my kit. There are videos on YouTube of the show. It was so amazing — top 5 shows we've ever played — we booked a show at the same place and shot a video for "Four White Walls" on our next tour.

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