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Hawthorne Heights have been en route their "Autumn of Hope" European tour, in support of their new Hope EP — the follow-up to 2011's acclaimed Hate. In an effort to take fans abroad with them, they've compiled this UK tour blog for us, featuring photos and stories from their travels. Check it out, and for all our UK friends, this tour continues through October 28. The band will then hit up the US November 3-11 before heading to Australia December 7-16. No matter your location, though, stay tuned to PV for more tour updates from the guys.

Hawthorne Heights are back in the UK and Europe at the moment. This is our third time in the last three years. Prior to that, there was a gap of about 4 years between our last trip over seas. We love it here and regret not being able to tour here more regularly. Exploring the towns we're in is one of the best parts of touring abroad. In Kingston, UK we stumbled upon this art installation - no we didn't knock over the phone booths. We thought it was pretty cool and this isn't something you'd normally see.

Touring abroad can be costly, so in an effort to save some money, we'll often find ourselves staying at people's houses. This house had a ENORMOUS cat [posing with our driver James]. These "creature" comforts are always welcome while on a long tour.

The weather in England [and now mainland Europe as we've come to discover], has been rainy and miserable nearly the entire time we've been here. We snapped this picture as we were leaving Scotland to prove that the sun actually does shine in the UK - albeit for very small periods of time.

Last but not least...a picture of the vehicle we're traveling in [It's not the Bentley, but I wish it was)!

Written + Compiled by drummer Eron Bucciarelli

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