PV Q&A: Hawthorne Heights Talk 'Hate' EP, Remembering Casey Calvert

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Hawthorne Heights are back with a 9-song EP jarringly titled Hate. The screamo veterans spoke with PureVolume about their planned trilogy of EPs, remembering gone-too-soon guitarist Casey Calvert, and the band's bright future.

PureVolume: The Hate EP is surprisingly aggressive. Where’s that coming from?
Eron Bucciarelli, Hawthorne Heights drummer: We've been through a tremendous amount of drama over the last few years. Our internal conversations were always a lot more pissed off than the music on our third and fourth albums reflected. We held back for whatever reason on those albums and it didn't make sense to hold back anymore.

PV: Tell us a little about the rest of the EP trilogy you're working on.
EB: There are going to be three EPs that have a thematic tie to one another. Outside of that, we're not divulging anything about those releases. By releasing EPs we feel we can put more of a focus on every song we write and release. When you put out an album with 13 or 14 tracks, people's attention spans seem to wander. Given people's increasingly rapid consumption and demand for new music these days, it just makes more sense from a musical and business standpoint to release fewer songs on a more frequent basis.

PV: That sounds about right. Now, the band has been chugging for a decade. What stands out, looking back, and what’s brightest, looking forward?
EB: We've accomplished so much in that time period. There have been tremendous highs and brutal lows. To be able to say that we've played main stage Warped Tour twice and had videos on TV, played numerous late-night shows and toured the world are all bright spots that we'll cherish for the rest of our lives, but they still pale in comparison to hearing the many stories of how our music has impacted people across the world in a positive manner. Looking forward, I think we're still really excited about releasing music on our own label, Cardboard Empire, and all of the possibilities that await us.

PV: It's been almost four years since your guitarist Casey Calvert passed away unexpectedly at age 26. How present is Casey’s memory in the bands goings-on these days? How do you guys like to remember him?
EB: Not a day or show goes by that we don't think of or talk about Casey and the impact he had on our lives and the lives of our fans. Sometimes it comes out in a simple conversation with a fan or doing something on the road that we once did with him. We still tell jokes that he was a part of. It's best to remember the positive impact he had on us all.

PV: And real quick -- what have you guys been listening to lately?
EB: Balance And Composure, Touche Amore, The Wonder Years, Defeater, Handguns, La Dispute, Fifteen, Fucked Up -- a lot of bands that remind us music we listened to growing up and going to local punk and hardcore shows.

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