Grizzly Bear Release "Yet Again" Music Video

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Think you're having a bad day? Can't be half as bad as the one this figure skater, featured in Grizzly Bear's new video "Yet Again," is having. Starting with failed attempts at flips and spins, and ending with a complete emotional breakdown, this girl falls through the ice, arrives at a carnival just as it closes, wanders aimlessly until she finds some strangers in the woods, and then hitchhikes home as the sun begins to rise. While we can't help but feel bad for this poor, disenchanted skater, we can't help but appreciate how well her story fits with this slow, dark tune. It also doesn't hurt that the Creators Project took part in co-producing the thoughtful visuals presented in this video. Check it out and grab Shields, the new album which this tunes comes off of, out now.

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