Unveiled!: Ghost Town Fan PV Q&A and Acoustic Session

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Ghost Town fans—or, as you like to be called, ghosts—you've been patient for weeks and weeks now.

While the four-piece Hollywood, Calif. electro rock band has been steadily releasing fantastic new material for you, it isn't until now that you've seen their faces completely unveiled.

And if that weren't enough, in their first official interview, Ghost Town has opened up the floor to those most important: their ghosts, their fans, their most dedicated. We received a slew of questions you wanted answered directly by the band themselves—and Ghost Town has narrowed it all down for you with their hand-chosen topics. Check out the PV Fan Q&A above where they tackle everything from how the band formed and how they met artist Alister Dippner to just why they dig the supernatural so much.

Alix, Manny, Kevin and Evan also knocked out an acoustic video performance here in the PV studios of "Game Freak," which can be seen below.

Cheers to Ghost Town and their fast-break start to what's sure to be a spectacular music career.

This content is no longer available.

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