Free Song of the Day: Them Vs Her — "Headlights"

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Long Island-natives Them Vs. Her have made serious headway since their 2013 Consume My Thoughts EP. Out is the indie folk that was a hallmark of that period and in is a fiery blend of alt rock that sees the band evolve into a quintet. The intensity of their sound will be reflected on their new album, which will be released next month. Before that comes out, we're offering Them Vs. Her's "Headlights" as today's Free Song of the Day.

"Like all of the songs on Swing Sets and Handguns, ‘Headlights’ was written as an acoustic song and was later expanded upon in studio," singer Sarah Fuchs says. "Originally, the verses were strummed, the bridge was extended with additional vocals and the tempo was slower. To stay true to the song and album's theme, we decided to make it darker with more rock elements.

"On the surface, this is where the main character of Swing Sets and Handguns is killed in a car crash. Being the last track on the album, it's the tragic end to her sad story. As with a lot of our songs, though, the car crash is symbolic and I'd rather leave the real meaning up to interpretation."

Them Vs. Her's Swing Sets and Handguns will be released on April 30.

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