Free MP3: Lostprophets' "Bring 'Em Down" [Bloc Party's Russell Lissack Remix] — Song of the Day

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We're no strangers to the remix, yet it's still a breath of fresh air to spin Lostprophets' "Bring 'Em Down" remix, which comes courtesy of Bloc Party's Russell Lissack. Perhaps its the conjoined forces that are at work here — Lissack's knack for daring indie rock jams, Lostprophets' unparalleled brand of alt-rock — or perhaps its just the fact that it's nice to hear a remix that isn't driven by an electro-induced overload, no matter how you spin it, this one stands out thanks to its fusion of elements. Of the remix, the band told us:

"We're all big fans of Bloc Party to begin with. When it came time to release 'Weapons' we really wanted to show people the diversity of the Lostprophets sound. We've never wanted to be pigeonholed, so we reached out to artists from different genres to play around with a few of our songs. Russell [from Bloc Party] came back with this killer remix and we ended up including it in the deluxe edition of our album. Really stoked for people to hear it, because we think they'll be pleasantly surprised by the collaboration."

Judging by its blend of punchy beats and digitized breakdowns, we think you'll not only agree, but you'll find yourself spinning it on repeat. Lucky for you, the band are offering it up as a free download for a limited time, so be sure to grab it before it goes.

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