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Nobody's exempt from that all-consuming sort of stress that creeps its way into our lives at one point or another. And nothing conceptualizes that idea better than Get Scared's new song "Start To Fall." Frontman Joel Faviere digs at the root of it when he explains how "life has its ups and downs, some deeper and bias to misfortune." Oddly enough, the philosophy — as well as the song it takes shape from — wasn't something he ever set out to highlight. "When writing the lyrics, I didn't really mean to run with that concept," explains Faviere. "People forget to relax and breathe when they're stressed in dealing with problems, and they might make it a bigger deal than it actually is."

It must be true that inspiration which takes shape organically makes for the best tunes, as "Start To Fall" is a spine-tingling, roller-coaster ride of a song. Between merciless guitars, rattling percussion, and vocals that shift between emotive and manic, the song plays out like the maddening mind trip that comes hand in hand with giving one's mind over to anxiety. It takes a lot to create such a varied and chilling sound, though. "This is the song we collaborated most on as a band and with our producer Erik Ron (Panic at the Disco, I The Mighty)," Faviere told us. "We didn't have a bridge or an ending and we were able to work with Erik on actually doing real song writing — not just reading some hooks. He had a huge part in the song and we are all very proud of it."

The song comes off the band's new EP, Built For Blame, Laced With Shame, and you can grab it as a free download for a limited time. We also have three signed copies of the EP to give away! Here's how to enter:

-Follow PV on Twitter
-Retweet this tweet with #starttofall
-Contest wraps Tuesday [September 2] at 3PM ET 

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