For All Those Sleeping Premiere "Once A Liar [Always A Fake]" Lyric Video

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For All Those Sleeping are premiering their new lyric video for "Once A Liar [Always A Fake]," and it's in the physical breakdown of these lines that you're truly able to appreciate the song's deeply-felt meaning. "This song is all about the people in your life that only have their own best interests in mind, and want to change who you are to what they want you to be," explains guitarist David Volgman-Stevens. This theme is only exaggerated by their decision to keep the text as the main focal point, while flames and silhouettes of guitars dance in the background. They've also utilized the two vocal parts in a similarly interesting way....

"I really like to use both voices to tell two different parts of a story...which is what we did with this song," says Volgman-Stevens. "The chorus shares the way you feel when you begin to realize that the person you cared about doesn't share that same respect 
for you, [while] the verse takes you through the anger and animosity you feel after you find out exactly the kind of person they are."

In the end, the song seeks to establish the point that those who care about you should love you unconditionally, and "
if they aren't truthful about their intentions with you, then they are a liar and, as the song states, 'Once a liar, always a fake.'" Check it out, pre-order your copy of the band's forthcoming album, Outspoken, and get ready for it to drop June 19 via Fearless Records.

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