Firehorse - 'And So They Ran Faster...' [Album Stream + Free Song]

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Discussing Firehorse, it's best not to use the B-word. But we might as well get it out of the way nice and early, just to clear the air. Björk. There, we said it. Now we can all move on and really talk about And So They Ran Faster..., a marvelous album by a true artist who simply can't be B-worded into a box.

Taking as many cues from Eels as from that Icelandic weirdstress, Firehorse, AKA New York's Leah Siegel, is an impressively diversified, honest songwriter. The debut album is as jammed with genuine pain and contemplation as it is with sing-songy fun. Equal parts operatic and sparse, fusing indie clap-rock with a grimy congregation of garage/circus/haunted house rock, And So They Ran Faster... is a twisting, turning joy. And you can snag a download of "Our Hearts" to take home with you.

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