EXCLUSIVE: We Went Record Shopping With Frank Iero in Anaheim

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By Josh Chesler

Ahead of Frank Iero and the Patience’s show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California last month, we brought the lead singer and guitarist over to Black Hole Records for a day at the record store. Along with a Morrissey backpatch, some free stickers, and a lengthy conversation with the store owner about the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, Oasis and various other bands that would likely never reunite, Iero walked out of the Fullerton-based store with a handful of records and a massive smile on his face.

PureVolume asked Iero to go into detail about why he chose each record.

Mister Rogers - Won’t You Be My Neighbor? & Jean Sibelius - Greatest Hits
Frank Iero: First things first, I got a $1 Mister Rogers Won’t You Be My Neighbor? record, and I’m going to b-side that with a $1 [Jean] Sibelius Greatest Hits. I got Mister Rogers because it reminds me of my friend Derek Zanetti, who’s in a band called the Homeless Gospel Choir. His favorite thing is Mister Rogers. He collects all Mister Rogers stuff. I think he might have this one, but for $1, you can’t beat it. The next time I see him, I might have to give that up to him. Sibelius is a composer that Matt Olsson, our drummer, is a huge fan of and actually turned me on to. Some of the twists and turns in his pieces are just fucking mind-boggling, and, I mean, if you ever get a chance to pick up a $1 record, you’ve got to take it.

Rankin / Bass - The Hobbit: The Complete Original Soundtrack
FI: I got a $4.99 recording of the Rankin / Bass production of The Hobbit: The Complete Original Soundtrack, including dialogue, music and songs. It’s the deluxe two-record set. It includes a special edition 16-page book of full-color illustrations from the animated motion picture, so it’s based on the original version of The Hobbit. That’s the ultimate deal. I feel like someone paid me to take it. There’s even a note inside. “To Russell: You’re the best little brother anyone could have. We’ve had many happy moments together, and I hope we can turn those moments into years because your friendship has made me see that life is worth a lot more. With love and affection, Gilbert.” That’s got some history to it. Sorry Russell, but it’s mine now. It was my third bargain bin purchase. Buena Vista Records, man.

The Cure - The Peel Sessions
FI: This is the Cure’s The Peel Sessions, and I’m guessing it’s a bit of a bootleg pressing here. It’s just amazing. We’ve got four songs, “Killing an Arab,” “Fire in Cairo,” “Boys Don’t Cry” is on here. This is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to hear this. Robert Smith’s voice, man. I got to play Riot Fest a couple of years ago when the Cure headlined, and I remember when we pulled up to the festival grounds, it was early morning — like 9 or 10 a.m. — and I hear this voice just floating over everything. You can just hear Robert Smith and the Cure soundchecking, and it’s the most gorgeous fucking thing you’ve ever heard in your entire life. It was unbelievable. I’ve never heard anything so wonderful, and then later that night they put on such a fantastic show. They’re just a wonderful, amazing band and great artists.

Grand Funk Railroad - Shinin’ On
FI: Here’s Grand Funk Railroad’s Shinin’ On, and this record we picked up because it is a 3D cover complete with pop-out 3D glasses that have not been used. It’s super inspiring, and the art is amazing on this record. There’s an insert too, and it’s all 3D. There’s a cardboard poster. This is all such a good idea. We spoke to the store owner, and he had to admit that he’s never seen one intact like this. People usually punch the glasses out and then the record is fucked because you can’t see a goddamn thing! It’s game over, man.

Christian Death - Only Theatre of Pain
FI: For the finale, we’ve got Christian Death’s Only Theatre of Pain on colored vinyl. I love this fucking record. It’s so good. Even on the back, he’s holding this weird mummified cat. It’s so good. I had a conversation with Ross Robinson who we just did a record with, and he was saying that when Rozz [Williams] from Christian Death died, they held a vigil or whatever at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and it was just super goth. As it should be. I feel like I really won today.

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