EXCLUSIVE: Taking Back Sunday, letlive., The Menzingers Share 2015 Tour Playlist + Track Commentary

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Taking Back Sunday are relentless tourers, so it was no surprise to us when we heard they'd be kicking off 2015 on the road. The band is set to release Happiness Is: The Complete Recordings, a collector's edition of last year's LP complete with unreleased tracks, on February 24 and embarking on a nearly two month North American tour a week prior with letlive. and the Menzingers

To celebrate, the bands created a 15 song playlist of each other's songs with commentary for each selection. Stream the playlist above and read the insightful notes below.

01) The Menzingers — "I Don't Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore"
Shaun Cooper (Taking Back Sunday): Catchy and immediate. This is the first song I play for anyone I want to introduce The Menzingers to. It is also my 1 year old son's favorite song. Here he is watching them play it live in New Jersey at Starland Ballroom Dec. 27 2014.

02) letlive. — "Banshee (Ghost Fame)"
Eddie Reyes (Taking Back Sunday): “Banshee (Ghost Fame)” is such an intense song. It sort of reminds me of Refused which is a compliment.

03) Taking Back Sunday — "Better Homes and Gardens"
Chosen by Joe Godino (the Menzingers)

04) The Menzingers — "Gates"
Shaun Cooper: The dual guitar intro connected with me on the first listen. The drums really make the song interesting and keep it moving. Don't hold me to it, but I think I could hold my own in an air drumming competition with this song. The line "happiness is just a moment" made me really think about life.

05) Taking Back Sunday — "Stood A Chance"
Joe Godino: Love the guitars in this song, specifically the downstroke parts in the verses. The chorus is so catchy. I sing it naked in the shower a lot.

06) letlive.  — "The Sick, Sick 6.8 Billion"
Chosen by Eddie Reyes

07) Taking Back Sunday — "A Decade Under The Influence"
Jeff Sahyoun (letlive.): Simply put...it's a perfect song.  It always takes me back to an unforgettable summer. It's one of those songs an artist wishes they wrote themselves. But even if you did, it could never sound any better.

08) letlive. — "Younger"
Eddie Reyes: “Younger” is also a very intense song. I am really looking forward to this tour!

09) The Menzingers — "So It Goes"
Shaun Cooper: I really love the bass driven verses. The chorus has a great finger pointing sing a long hook. The vocal harmony reminded me of the Lawrence Arms which I found immediately endearing. 

10) letlive. — "Muther"
Eddie Reyes: I can’t tell you how excited I am to tour with a band that I admire as much as
letlive. I believe it will be a challenge but in a good way. They are so unique and such a refreshing band to listen to, it just feels good to be around good bands playing great music! 

11) Taking Back Sunday — "What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?"
Joe Godino: I remember having this song as the first track on a mix CD I would always listen to in my early 90s Oldsmobile. Always loved it as a first track and was pumped when the dudes opened with it on a mini-tour we did with them.

12) The Menzingers — "In Remission"
Shaun Cooper: This was the first song I heard from Rented World like every other internet dweeb. The "quirky" (ugh, I can't believe I can't think of a better word) opening riff told me these guys were exploring new ground on Rented World. The line "I want to chew up my dinner and spit it in your face, light fire to your home and tap your cell phone" is so amazingly angry. I don't think I've been that mad at anyone in over a decade, but holy hell; I can relate! 

13) Taking Back Sunday — "One-Eighty By Summer"
Jason Butler (letlive.): 
There was a time in my young manhood when nobody could get Wu Tang's 36 Chambers out of my headphones. This song's first three chords and that intro vocal melody changed that. 

14) letlive. — "Pheromone Cvlt"
Chosen by Eddie Reyes

15) The Menzingers — "Where Your Heartache Exists"
Shaun Cooper: The sparse guitars on the verses are very tasteful. They make you wait for the chorus, when it hits the payoff is huge and so damn satisfying. The guitar solo is perfect, awesome tone.

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