EXCLUSIVE: Noise Brigade Explain the Meaning Behind 'This is Fine'

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Alaska-bred, Portland-based pop punk outfit Noise Brigade have been cranking out songs steadily since their October, 2015 formation. The band released a new album not too long ago, and now, you can check out the meaning behind the songs from This is Fine in their own words. They just finished up a tour, but you'll be sure you can catch them on the road very soon.

"Theme Song For A Long Island Backyard Show" — This song was a lot of fun to write, I'm a big fan of really energetic opening tracks and this one definitely turned out to be a blaster. It's the only song on the record that's in more than one time signature! The song name comes from a show we played at our friend Danny's house in Long Island, also I love Lifetime. (Doug Jones)

"Spark Mandrill Syndrome" — This was a song that I wrote really quickly in probably 5-to-10 minutes. Self-reflection is the main topic. Knowing that you messed up but knowing that there are people around you than can help you get through it. (Nathan Nelson)

"James From Jersey" — James was a riff that was probably sitting on my phone for at least a year. I wasn't planning on it to be on the heavier side but I had the chorus riff I was going to use for another song and it happened to be in the same key. The song itself is pretty mean lyrically. Going through every situation in your head wishing you could do something about people hurting you or your friends. (Nathan)

"In Your Passing" - I wrote this song a few weeks after my dad passed away last year. I think writing "Passing" was really important in the grieving process for me. I was afraid this would be a song we wouldn't be able to play live since it was so heavy for me, but I feel like all of the emotions I had built up were released when we tracked it. That was really difficult for me but I really do feel much better now that it's finished. If you're familiar with our EP, From The Mountains To The Sea, the line in this song "I wrote a line about you/you never got to hear/about how your arms felt like home" is a reference to a line from Northern Lights: "I can't shake images of how we were/And I hugged my dad without a word." This is my favorite song on the album and it came out perfectly. He would be proud. (Doug)

"I'm Not Just Sure It Will, I Know It Might" — I seriously sat down one day and just said to myself "I'm going to write the cheesiest, sappiest love song ever". Sometimes just being alone with that special someone is all you need in order to be the happiest person on earth. (Nathan)

This is my favorite song to play on the record! It was a lot of fun to write and it's always the one I look forward to the most during a set. Nathan's a genius! (Doug)

"Shotgun Saturday Night" — This song is so much fun. All of the riffs in this one are years old and never found a home until this song. Lyrically this song is about what I perceive to be "the real me" confronting the parts of myself that come out because of my anxiety. So it's not about anybody other than myself! This song is named after an old WWF show. (Doug)

"Summer In Black And White" — Summer is the first full song I wrote for the record. It's about a four-year long relationship and its aftermath. This is one of the songs that went through a lot of changes before it was really finished and I'm glad it did because the final product is one of my favorite NB songs. The spoken word part before the instrumental break is from a musical project I started with one of my best friends a few years ago called Asthenia! (Doug)

I was kind of going for a Knuckle Puck sounding guitar parts with the lead and 2nd verse. I really like the choppy pre chorus we ended up doing as well. (Nathan)

"I Went To St. John's And I Lost Everything" — Sometimes when I write a song, I'll pick up the guitar, start playing a basic chord structure, and I'll just starting singing words with a melody that just happen to fit and make sense. It's not about anything in particular, but me and Doug wanted to make sure to keep the sad, dark tone throughout the song. (Nathan)

"Mustard in a Ketchup Packet" — This is probably the most I've ever opened up in a song. When I was growing up, I lied a lot in order for people to like me. Whether it was from being jealous of other people, or thinking it would be easier if I just pretended to be someone I wasn't. You end up losing a lot of friends cause they figure you out or you're just not able keep up the appearance anymore. I messed up a lot things with people that I wish were still around in my life and this song is my way of explaining and apologizing for that. (Nathan)

"Jobbers In High Spots" — This song means a lot to me, the last year before this record came out was definitely hardest I had ever experienced and I think this song sums a lot of that up. I wanted to have a closer like FOD by Green Day or The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out/Screws Fall Out by Less Than Jake where most of the song is just guitar and vocals but it builds up at the end. This song is full of references to friends' bands! (Doug)

Noise Brigade's This is Fine is out now on Manic Kat Records.

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