PREMIERE: Ethan Gold Releases "Tonight..." Video

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Premiering exclusively on PureVolume today is the latest music video from acclaimed Los Angeles, CA-based singer/songwriter Ethan Gold — watch "Tonight..." above.

The song — which comes from his 2011 debut album Songs From A Toxic Apartment — is part of a series of official music videos being released by Gold for nearly every song on the album.

"'Tonight…' was the fastest of any of the Songs From a Toxic Apartment," Gold reveals. "The whole song started emerging from my mouth as I walked from my car to my apartment in Los Angeles after another bleak night of nightdeath at 3:00 AM. I walked inside, right to my bedroom closet, turned on my computer to record, and played the song straight through for the first time, right into a single microphone, quietly to not wake up my roommates. That's the actual recording I used, my first performance of the song, done about 90 seconds after the idea for the song came into my head. I added a harmony, a keyboard, and a fuzz guitar, and then stuck the mic out the window to capture the sound of crickets. That's it."

He described the process of filming the music video similarly: "I ran through the song in a Standard Hotel hallway, with my brother playing melodica behind me, while a friend of mine filmed on his pocket camera. It was really grainy but he turned it red to own the grain and then I found an animator to add nightmares quietly in the background. The only hard part of all this was speeding up and slowing down the video to match the original home recording of the song, which is what you hear in the video."

Ethan Gold is currently finishing his follow-up album, anticipating a wide release in 2014. Songs From A Toxic Apartment is available now on iTunes.

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