EXCLUSIVE: Dana Buoy Shares 'Preacher' Track By Track Commentary + Full Album Stream

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's Dana Buoy released his Preacher EP yesterday, and it may just be the perfect collection of summer songs. From the first (and title) electronic-drenched track, it's hard not to start bobbing your head along to the beat, and after a few listens, those catchy lyrics and hooks are sure to worm their way into your brain and burrow deep.

To celebrate Preacher, we asked Dana Buoy to give us some insight on each of the album's tracks. Stream the EP above and read his revealing track-by-track commentary below.

This jam came to me as the hook only at first. I sat with it for a few months, trying to give it space to show itself, playing the melody over and over in my head until one day I grabbed it by the arm, sat it down and said "Yo. You gotta give me something more here..." And just like this.... Boom. I had a flashback of getting dumped when I was a youngin. And I remembered trying to hurt this person back by making out with some other people, which never works because it only gives them relief that "whew he's moving on". The words fell into place like when you win a piece of trivial pursuit pie. But not the plastic pieces. I'm talking about those really nice gold painted metal pieces. The ones that have some weight to' em.

For a short while I lived in Mexico in a tiny village just north of Tulum. I rode around on a golf cart most days, heading to the store to buy some water or go to the beach and make fun with the waves. Or out on another coconut hunting expedition, which I was very good at. They don't run, you just gotta be willing to climb a ways up sometimes. And be sure to sharpen your machete! There's an island out there that is sooooo beautiful, called Isla Mujeres. Obviously, it made me think about those places that all have songs of their own and I realized..... This island needs a song! And in English. (The Spanish version outtakes of this jam will probably appear on a soundtrack or something at some point in the future.) If you haven't been, maybe consider checking it out. There's an underwater museum. Sculptures that are helping to build the reef. So sick. 'nuff said. (No I'm not getting any endorsements from the island. Or Mexico. Or the reef.)

Well it is. It's all about good vibes in our camp. We try to promote a positive outlook on life. I read too many bummers. I hear to many bummers. I witness too many bummers to not try to let people read a good vibe. Hear a good vibe. Witness a good vibe. I like the way that reggae music does this for me. There's plenty of time for standing up for what you believe in and rallying the people to do so themselves. Music is a powerful weapon that can be used to help this cause. And what we believe in is...Good vibes.

This is a love song. A total love song. I was toying with one of my loopers and an mpc and came into the main loop of this track. It's actually a sample I snagged from my first album, but twisted and shaved into something a bit more unique. If anyone can guess which tune I'll totally buy you a beer if we ever meet on tour. Prizes are limited. One entry per contestant. Must meet the legal drinking age of your state/province/country.

I didn't write this song. Maybe you figured that out but I thought I'd confirm this suspicion. I love this song. It's one of those tunes that makes me want to sing it. A lot. You remember when Jimmy Hendrix covered Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower?" I like that these folk traditions can still happen. It feels good to pay homage to some of your inspirations. I hope Christine and co. like this track! (And if your reading this Christine it's danabuoy@gmail.com.)


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