Dry The River's "Top Ten Things We Didn't Expect to See In The US"

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London-based folk-rockers Dry The River recently hit up the states for their first US headlining tour. Interested in how our home turf looks to a Londonite, we asked the boys to compile a list of the top ten things they didn't expect to see during their time here. From Mountain Dew trousers to Chicken Fried Steak, their picks are interesting and often hilarious. Check it out, and while you're reading, spin "New Ceremony" from their latest album, Shallow Bed, out now.

Bison: Peter was saying they are extinct but we've seen plenty.

A 100 person queue outside voodoo donuts: This should have been expected really, but it was still a sight to behold in Portland.

Any people at our shows: We've been stoked to see people come out and sing our songs back at us.

Mountain Dew trousers: Duly bought and worn religiously by our tour manager.

Half-pound Reeses Pieces: Gifted to me by some lovely ladies in Louisville after they found out about my love of peanut butter.

Electric Lady Studios: Out of the blue, [I] got asked if I'd like to visit. I went in and played the Rolling Stones' "Wurlitzer" and hung out in Jimi Hendrix's old apartment. It was a real geek-out.

Jack White cover Hank Williams at Sasquatch: His set was incredible, as I'd expected, but I didn’t expect the cover. Awesome.

Temperatures lower than London: Disappointing — sort it out New York.

Monk TV Marathon: This we did not expect, but we sat it through in the RV. Our dutch tech, Job, is weirdly obsessed.

Chicken Fried Steak: This is truly disgusting. I couldn’t handle it, but our rhythm section lapped it up.

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