Dirty Ghosts Stream Debut LP 'Metal Moon'

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Dirty Ghosts' debut LP was a long time coming -- five years worth, actually. Luckily, frontwoman Allyson Baker was never ready to give up her own musical ghosts, and the project was able to come full-circle, from its initial 2006 formation to its current state. Formed from the remains of blues sludge band Parchman Farm, the initial lineup saw Baker alongside Carson Binks. With Binks' sudden departure in 2011, Baker added a drummer, and re-worked her collection of songs to create the LP you have today. It's a fierce collection of tracks that fuse electro-rock, punk, psychedelia, and the original blues sludge basis, delivered with Baker's gritty, angst-filled vocals. There are incredible electric guitar riffs, power-house percussions, and a street-smart aesthetic that still nods towards rock's underground. It's a diverse and elaborately crafted collection, and one well worth the wait. Give it a spin, and grab it when it drops tomorrow [Feb. 21] via Last Gang Records.

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