Celebrity Skewering Sculptor Daniel Edwards "Scrooges" Jay-Z

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In light of Jay-Z's recent marketing snafu regarding his "Occupy All Streets" shirts, New York-based sculptor Daniel Edwards has immortalized the hip-hop legend in a totem of greed. Called "The Scrooge Totem Pole", the sculpture depicts Jigga's mug stacked up with the likes of Scrooge McDuck, Mr. Burns, and Richie Rich, at once aligning the rapper with the one percent and showing off a penchant for neck chains. Edwards had this to say about the rationale behind his piece: 

"I think Jay-Z has made himself a face of [the] Wall Street that Occupiers are protesting against," Edwards explained of his rationale behind his artwork. "Maybe Jay-Z is striving to be in the one percent? Which is why I chose the composition of a totem pole because I thought it would resemble the number one. Rap stars who turn 'Scrooge' have to suffer some damage to their street credibility."

Since Rocawear decided to produce shirts inspired by Occupy Wall Street, but not share profits with the movement, the rapper has come under fire for capitalizing on the event. The product has been removed from the marketplace, but the ire remains. Def Jam founder Russel Simmons had a few words to share in defense of the PR blunder: 

"What's wrong with selling goodness?" Simmons asked 
Billboard. "There's nothing wrong with it... You should sell things you're happy about... Jay-Z didn't make a T-shirt [that said] "F-- the Bums on the Street." He wrote a T-shirt 'Occupy All Streets' -- I'm happy, it furthers the movement, it inspires the movement.

Edwards is previously noted for his pieces featuring Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug, a fat Oprah sarcophagus, and a nude sculpture of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, among others. Art is weird. 

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