So Chiodos Rigged Our System — We'll Forgive 'Em

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Earlier today, Alternative Press confirmed that once upon a time, a then up-and-coming punk band named Chiodos rigged our system. More specifically, they were savvy at coding and realized a fault in our Top Charts system of yesteryear. Guitarist Pat McManaman revealed his full strategy in an e-mail to Alternative Press, and we've got to say, dude knows his way around the cybersphere. In the e-mail, he gives a detailed account of how the band finagled their way into our top charts, and while our charts and such have been modified for years now [seriously, these steps won't work for your band], it's interesting for us to hear how they were learning our system right along with us.

Following the demise of popular music sharing service MP3.com, PureVolume officially launched December 2, 2003, and as McManaman wonderfully puts it, "you had to re-upload your music [here], or be a dinosaur." During those early days, PV was busting out features left and right, and true to McManaman's word, there were "a list of things [we] did wrong that allowed bands to maximize plays by cheating." Our daily Top 15 Artists Per Play, Per Day chart only fueled that. Over the course of three months, Chiodos learned how to work the system while we learned how to tighten it so as to prevent such free-for-alls. By the time we ironed out these kinks, they had been discovered by an A&R representative at Equal Vision Records. Which brings us to the most important part...

PureVolume has always been about the discovery and promotion of new music. We love letting the world in on those best-kept musical secrets that deserve full-fledged exposure, and the early years of Chiodos' career is a prime example. It goes without saying that these dudes would've ended up on top whether or not they knew how to rig our charts, but if their stay on those same charts still ended up gaining them the attention they deserved, how could we hate on that?

So Chiodos, we forgive you — and we kind of admire your perseverance during that shaky ride to the top. While we don't necessarily condone working the system in such a way [as McManaman himself admitted in his e-mail: "I don't encourage doing stuff like this."], we hope that your own band will find honest ways to utilize PureVolume to gain exposure, an increased fanbase, and maybe even a label's attention. Chiodos has had an incredible run with PV from the very beginning, and we wish them nothing but the best now and always.

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