Chelsea Grin Preview New 'Evolve' EP + Track-by-Track Commentary

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Chelsea Grin are gearing up to drop their new EP, Evolve, and in an effort to get you prepped they're sharing a preview of all five tracks accompanied by some exclusive commentary. Barely surpassing the five minute mark, this stream offers an incredible display of dizzying guitar riffs, explosive percussion, and monstrous metal, speaking volumes about what to expect when you spin the full effort. It's the commentary by lead vocalist Alex Koehler, though, that seals the deal on excellence by proving the EP is much more than just a solid hunk of metal — it's a thoughtful look at spirituality, faith, growing into oneself, and rising above the crippling effects of other people's opinions and criticism. Check it out, and pre-order your copy of the EP before its June 19 drop on Razor & Tie.

"The Second Coming"

The idea behind this song was to create an evil alternate version of the second coming of Christ. Rather than having a savior come back and wash away all your sins, it's an evil entity that creates an apocalyptic blackened world. As a band, we don't wear a religious label of any sort. We all believe in different things, and we're not knocking anyone's beliefs. The deeper meaning behind it is for people not to [categorize] faith as a "hero or savior" to cleanse away the wrongs of humanity, but rather put faith in themselves and create a world based on the moral conduct of right and wrong. Not base your character, and the way you live your life, in fear of a higher power. Be your own God so to speak.


I wanted to create a song that people could relate to emotionally. I want the listeners to hear this song, and be able to use it to lift themselves out of any heartbreak they've gone through in their life. I want them to know and feel that they're not the only one that has gone through it. I went through a really dark time in my life, when I let someone take over me and change me for the worst. So I based the character off a mythological female demon named "Lilith" to depict the darker side of what I went through.


This song is about your inner demons. Confession was a way for me to let out all the feelings I've kept to myself for the longest time. I've done things in my past that have hurt myself, and the people I hold closest to my heart. This was a way for me to vent and "confess" what's laying dormant deep inside me. The line "You can't handle what I am. I wish you didn't see, but my mask must be put down. Here's to my hopes, and dreams" means that you shouldn't hide behind a fake image you've created for yourself, and it's time for you to be the real person you've grown to be. Put all the bullshit behind, and focus more on the path in front of you to become a better person. This song really helped me put to rest a lot of emotional anger I've kept pent up for so long.


The title stands for 'Society Hides Our Truths.' I wanted to reach out to anyone that has ever been stepped on, or made fun of, in their lives — people that constantly get ridiculed by society, and are put down for believing/looking differently from everybody else. I wanted this song to be an anthem for those people. I want them to know that they don't have to take the bullshit that is forced down their throats. I want them to know that they're not the only ones who feel like they are different. I want them to rise above what's considered "normal," and laugh in the faces of anyone that tries to make them think or behave otherwise. When I was growing up, I was never the popular kid in school. I have been teased, made fun of, and everything in between. I rose above all that to become the person I am today, and I haven't let anyone stop me.

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

When I wrote this song, I knew that the true meaning behind it would be determined differently depending on how the reader looks at it. I wrote it abstract for that very reason. I wanted the song to have a secret meaning that reached out to the ones that have experienced what I am writing about. The true meaning of this song is about drug use, and the horrors that come a long with it. The brighter parts of the song are the feelings of euphoria that the high brings upon you, and how unstoppable you feel for such a short moment. The heavier "darker" parts of the song depict the come down, and the feeling of self loathing. The consequences of your actions, the craving for more, and the pain you've caused on not only yourself, but the people around you. I've experienced these situations first hand — whether it be a close friend or a family member — so I really put a lot of emotion into these lyrics.


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