The Black and White Subconscious Theater of Canon Blue's "Bows & Arrows" [Video]

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Canon Blue is singer-songwriter, composer, and psychological dreamscape weaver Daniel James. Hailing from Nashville, James has a full-length album out now called Rumspringa that was crafted worlds away in Iceland and Copenhagen with the help of Amiina- the quartet best known for their string music contributions to Sigur Ros' mystical ambiance. The debut video for "Bows & Arrows" is a give and take of this and that, creating a picture of stark opposites that James' finds himself in the middle of, caught on a stage of duality in transformation from one to the other. Ritualistic and rife with personal symbolism, we are treated to a tense yet uplifting display of futuristic natives, suffering ideals pierced with arrows, lots of facepaint, and a soaring, building sound that adds urgency to beauty and vice versa. James describes his "surreal theater" as a play in which "we have to come to terms with what we know we must leave behind in order to be what we know we must become...There is the spirit that leads and ultimately suffers.  There are the otherworldly murky creatures serving as Jungian stage hands, witnesses as dark shadows lingering on the edge of the mind."

Canon Blue came into being back in 2007 with the album Colonies, a collaboration with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, and James has spent his time since traveling the world and coming to terms with his role as a musician and composer. "Bows & Arrows" is our first look into the newly realized mind of the Tennessee native, and definitely worth a second and third look. Reeling with the sound of towering sea-cliffs, stony shores and crystal clear mountaintops, Canon Blue has been to the northern end of the world and come back with a sound that is both grandly sweeping and quietly personal.

Having spent the summer touring with Foster The People and others, Canon Blue will be spending the fall with The Boxer Rebellion and playing shows everywhere from Vancouver to New York. For a full list of dates and locations, check out James' website.

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