Bloc Party Release "Kettling" Music Video

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Bloc Party keep the playground confrontational in their new video for "Kettling." Shot at a primary school in Charlton, SE London, the James Lees directed video depicts a group of rowdy kids caught up in a heated game of British Bulldog — a game either praised or forbidden in England due to its nature. There's a lot more to this than kids being kids, though. The visuals presented here go hand-in-hand with the confrontational grounds the song itself was inspired upon.

There was so much going on in the world in 2011” says vocalist Kele Okereke. “You couldn’t turn on the television without seeing pictures of people protesting or rioting or mass disarray. Of course those are quite frightening images. But there’s also something quite poetic about people standing up and saying they’ve had enough of something; that no, they will not take this anymore. That’s what the song was really about.”

Check it out, and grab their new album FOUR — which "Kettling" comes off of — out now via Frenchkiss.

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