Bearcat Premieres New Song "Crazy Fishes"

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Bearcat, the solo project of Renee Yohe, is a sweeping tribute to soul -- in all its respects. It's impossible to get even a few seconds into new song "Crazy Fishes" without noting it bursting through her vocals, mixing with a warmth and richness that simultaneously evokes jazz and sixties pop. Add in the twinkling synth, jazz piano lines, and steady drum beats, and you've got yourself one nostalgia trip that you'll so enjoy taking. In fact, it's the core of nostalgia and soul that moved Yohe to overcome her own personal and emotional struggles, choosing to channel them instead into music. This all began with her decision to share her story through To Write Love On Her Arms -- a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness, and providing support, for those dealing with depression, addiction, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts.

To assist her in achieving her musical aspirations, she has created a Kickstarter, to help fund her new EP and its subsequent support tour. She's set her goal at 20K, and has a little over 17 days to go, so give this musical gem a spin, and head over to support her release efforts. 

** If you, or anybody you know, is struggling with depression, self-injury, or suicidal thoughts, please know you're not alone. Head to TWLOHA for more information on ways you can find help and seek recovery.

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