A Year of Adele Covers: PureVolume's Best from 2011

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Let's face it: 2011 has been the year of Adele. Whether you love her or hate her (hate?! how?!), she's got powerful pipes, a gift for songs both epic and relatable and two of the most-covered songs to hit PV in recent memory. As each week passed, we became less and less surprised to find yet another Adele cover in our midst. First came the slew of reimaginings of her smash hit "Rolling In The Deep," and then a barrel of tributes to her hauntingly beautiful "Someone Like You" started pouring in.

As a toast to the songstress and a tribute to the PV talents who have taken note, we've rounded up the best Adele covers to grace our pages this year. Some are by artists you know well, and some are by acts you may be meeting for the first time. Lots are available as free downloads. We've also gone all high school yearbook on you and added our own superlatives for each cover. Give them a spin, individually or in playlist form (at the bottom), and then go watch Adele win every award show and "best of" list on the planet. And feel free to add your own rankings and superlative titles in the comments.

Rolling In the Deep:

Most Original Cover: Go Radio

Best Use of a Clap-Chorus and Background Singers: The All Ways

Most Girl Power: Jonnie and Brookie

Best Cross-Genre Cover (Adele goes pop-punk!): ADALIE

Someone Like You: 

Most Likely to Make You All Weepy and Nostalgic: An Honest Lie

Best Male Vocals on the Crazy High Part ("Don't forget me I beg / I remember you said"): One Step Away

Most Likely to Be Praised Heavily by PV in 2012: Goodnight Fellows

Best 6AM Video Cover: Cady Groves

Best Cover of an Adele Song We Wish More People Had Covered: Eric Lumiere

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