LISTEN: Kevin Devine — "Talking Freddie Gray Blues"

by PureVolume Apr 30


As more information about the mysterious death of Freddie Gray become revealed and the riots in Baltimore continue, Kevin Devine has shared a very powerful acoustic tribute to the late 25-year-old. Read More »


LISTEN: Stream Superheaven's 'Ours Is Chrome' In Its Entirety

by PureVolume Apr 30


Superheaven are releasing Ours Is Chrome next week, but Redbull is giving fans a chance to listen to the album early. Read More »


The PV Q&A: The Early November's Ace Enders And Joe Marro Discuss 'Imbue'

by PureVolume Apr 30


The Early November's Ace Enders and Joe Marro discuss the unconventional recording process for 'Imbue' and the band's plans for the future. Read More »


PREMIERE: Trip On The Coastline To Snow In Mexico's "Juno Beach" Video

by PureVolume Apr 30


The Italian duo tried something new with this release, exploring the distance between analog and digital to create angular yet subdued, neon yet vintage sounds, and the track's visuals represent that nicely as we see spectacular digital imagery floating above the organic coastline. Read More »


PREMIERE: Watch Swahili's Noir-Inspired "Bardo" Video

by PureVolume Apr 30


Inspired by Film Noir, the 11-minute-long clip follows a troubled detective through different locales in the band's home of Portland, OR, all set to the psychedelic-tinged, funky dance sounds of Swahili. Read More »


WATCH: Kurt Cobain Talks About The Dreamer In Unearthed 1993 Interview

by PureVolume Apr 30


Today, MTV revealed a kooky interview with the late rock star filmed at Hollywood Rock Brazil in 1993. Read More »


WATCH: Andy Hull, Jesse Lacey And Kevin Devine Perform Manchester Orchestra's "Where Have You Been?"

by PureVolume Apr 29


Last night, Manchester Orchestra's Andy Hull gave his fans a special surprise during an acoustic show at New York's Webster Hall. Read More »


Free Song Of The Day: Zuli — "Better All The Time"

by PureVolume Apr 29


The young multi-instrumentalist is gearing up to release his debut EP, 'Supernatural Voodoo,' and we're excited to offer up his latest single, "Better All the Time." Read More »


WATCH: Paramore Announce Parahoy! Cruise 2016

by PureVolume Apr 29


Join the trio, along with a slew of other soon-to-be-announced bands, as they set sail from Miami to Cozumel Mexico on a four-day excursion from March 5-9, 2016. Read More »



by PureVolume Apr 29


A nod to Riot Grrrl and the hairspray and leather jackets of yesteryear, the female-fronted trio call back to pure, gritty rock 'n' roll. Read More »


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