Exclusive Premiere: Valencia's "Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)" Video

by PureVolume Aug 01


Valencia's "Still Need You Around (Lost Without You)" video dropped today. Guitarist Brendan Walter directed, shot, and co-produced the video alongside friend and filmmaker Chris Newhard, sticking to... Read More »


Listen to Arcade Fire's Deluxe Reissue of 'The Suburbs'

by PureVolume Aug 01


Arcade Fire's The Suburbs is available tomorrow in deluxe form, proving that winning the Album of the Year Grammy guaranteed more than just a confused Tumblr (the one that … Read More »


A.A. Bondy Previews New Album 'Believers'

by PureVolume Aug 01


A.A. Bondy's new album teaser Alabaman singer-songwriter A.A. Bondy is set to release his third album, 'Believers,' this fall, and he's caught the attention of NPR. Read More »


Hear Floral Terrace on 'A Tribute to Alkaline Trio'

by PureVolume Aug 01


Floral Terrace covers "This Could Be Love"New York's Floral Terrace is one of roughly a gazillion (er, 37) bands who have left their pop-punky talents to a massive Alkaline … Read More »


Every Avenue Will Tour U.K. with Young Guns

by PureVolume Jul 29


Every Avenue are heading to England and Scotland for a series of gigs with Young Guns. In the meantime, get ready for an exclusive PureVolume stream of the new Every Avenue album on ... Read More »


Free Music: Sail By the Stars -- 'The Acoustic EP'

by PureVolume Jul 29


Florida's foremost one-man pop-punk act is quite likely Sail By the Stars. The earnestness to title tunes "A Glowworm Never Grows Dim" and "If My Room Were a Rocketship," the fun-loving spirit embodied… Read More »


Stereogum Premiere Landmine Marathon Single "Cutting Flesh and Bone"

by Maud Deitch Jul 28


Landmine Marathon have been making audiences nauseus with their electrifying live shows for the last few years now, and with their fourth full-length, Gallows, the band has matured to … Read More »


Twin Sister Debut "Bad Street" Video

by Maud Deitch Jul 28


"Tell me a secret/I won't tell anyone," singer Andrea Estrella breathes, on the chorus of Twin Sister's disco pop gem "Bad Street." The first single off their upcoming … Read More »


Dance-Funk Maestro Zak Waters Shares EP for Streaming

by PureVolume Jul 28


Been looking for a reason to dance? Zak Waters could be your summer savior. Blending funky pop with playful electronic flourishes, the LA artist is officially someone worth keeping … Read More »


Exclusive Download: Tori Blake's "Young Wild Free" Remix

by PureVolume Jul 28


Not only has Tori Blake's "Young Wild Free" been remixed for maximum danceitude, but half of the remixing team was R2K, of dearly departed screamo veterans Finch. If … Read More »


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