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Hustle hard or return home say's D.Rog A.K.A. God King #BeThotFul

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D.Rog a Cincinnati native has obviously arrived at set trends and set the bar high. Long gone the days where artists can get on a track and hang their heart into every lyric, long gone the days where a artist gave that you simply song with meaningful concept. But time for restore that feeling originates the long awaited moment hip hop heads has been waiting for.

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The crowned king in the Midwest D.Rog will be here with his hit single entitled #BeThotFul, when inquired about the meaning of the hashtag that we think is catchy and allows you to wonder here's what we've got from the horses mouth. He say's he's fully conscious of the word T.H.O.T. was utilized in a derogatory form to spell out a certain group of people. Thou his song #BeThotFul is while we're talking about a girl living that life he say's he support hustlers in every area's of the game from prostitution to drug selling on as a result of the stick up kids, he say's thou it isn't his life he is able to relate do to decisions made in his past. Also he makes note that until you know one's situation it is not wise to judge. So comes #BeThotFul meaning regardless of how you make your money be bold, be brave, be strong, be wise, be great at it, but most of ( BE THAT HUSTLER OVER THERE TO THE FULLEST ). So our understanding is simply this Hustle hard or go back home, l?ast words from D.Rog I rather die standing for what I believe in then fail falling for somebody else's truth. With more ahead this track is often a feel good song with heavy bass wake up out your sit rhythm a party hard in the club song it can be undeniable a must hear.

New single " #BeThotFul created by one of the hottest producers amongst gamers Young Ex is going to be featured on upcoming mixtape God King P.E.D. Flow,?which still doesn't always have a release date.

Quotable Lyrics
D.Rog?: Come here baby you uh THOT
you want these dollars I got this knot
bust it down within spot give me h$@d or not
I love the way she be moving lil momma be choosing
All they wanna do is play well swing that my way

Kai Kenn?: Thoting I'm plotting for you
what you want for it got cash baby, got cash baby
so bring that ass over here in my view
I'ma throw every dollar til my last baby, til my last baby
She stumbled on the ave only to THOT I pass her to my ni#@a's


Posted Nov 11, 2015 at 4:54am