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may 21th 2011,gigs on the university of riau...


Genres: Rock / Other

Location: Indonesia

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C.D.R was formed at the beginning of january 2008, we are a group of young people who have a dream that we can change anythings with the music .. sounds a bit stupid but we're confident.hahaha
C.D.R formed in the universities little touched and sickest education, so we decided to rebel with a music.

Ableh (Vock & Lead)
Awin (guitar rytem)
Cha - cha (bass)
Jhon (drums)

C.D.R is taken from the word (Community D `Rock n Roll), we just love rock n roll but we more often call our genre of garage rock n roll or anything alone because we like the music genre is a bit noisy.
our influence from legendary bands such as:
led zeppelin, AC / DC, jimy hendrix, the rolling stones, the beatles ,pink floyd.

Hopely we can continue their struggle and say to the world that rock n roll is never die and God save rock n roll people.




Angel and a Gun

Dec 30, 2011

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