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Released Apr 10, 2007

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Comments (12)

  • Will said:
    cool (Y) Apr 23
  • sing this song for me said:
    i love this band. this album is amazing. they play it so good live, too. i can\'t wait until april 10th. =] Mar 30
  • lobsterhugs0050 said:
    april 10th can\'t wait!!!! Mar 27
  • Ponytail_Parade said:
    God, What an amazing sound! It\'s so right and the title track is so great! Mar 26
  • KENTALZ said:
    This is a good album, I enjoyed listening to all the songs..Rock on guys! Mar 25
  • loveyoulongtime said:
    Party till you\'re pooped. The album art looks good. be my friend. Mar 25
  • Air & Sea Battle said:
    Nice! Mar 25
  • LuvinAcoustics said:
    i saw them live yesterday and they are the sweetest guys ever and they\'re amazing live. GREAT SONGS!! Mar 25
  • asdf1234asdf1234 said:
    one word: amazing Mar 25
  • xeveryxclichex7 said:
    Wow is right. This is incredible. But that\'s a complete understatement. Genuis is more like it. Mar 25
  • win 2 the nny said:
    wow. Mar 25
  • deepelm said:
    well done Mar 25