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Debut full-length album 'HEART' out February 4!        

Indie / Surf Rock / Experimental

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  • PREMIERE: XO Debut Psychedelic "Sweet" Music Video

    Say Anything guitarists Jake and Jeff Turner established XO back in 2004, providing the brothers another outlet to expand upon their diverse musical influences. Ten years later, the band just unveiled their debut full-length album. Read More »


Comments (24)

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  • LexiJoy4 said:
    Please keep making music. Cuz so far, it's pretty amazing. Feb 06
  • emily said:
    OH MY! you guys are AMAZING! Hit me up because I would LOVE to talk to you guys! May 13
  • S!L^3R ... and so on... said:
    schweet Feb 26
  • eliana.epic. said:
    no one told me that you guys had an acoustic band! i feel left out! lol Oct 31
  • Kassi said:
    i just saw you guys a few weeks ago in Peachtree city when you played at glenloch. the show was really great. you guys should add Blizzard to your song list. its fantastic. Oct 16
  • Joella said:
    dudes. so excited to see you in Roswell the 27th :] so basically everybody is going to make you cookies and stuff :D Oct 06
  • TaylorFantastic.™ said:
    I miss you boys. =/ Sep 26
  • EleventyErica said:
    It's pretty different from Say Anything, but I love it. :) Aug 18
  • KACHA said:
    'MUSIC FUN!' Ya got that right. Sup Cardigan Bros. I love you kids. You're so talented. :] Aug 15
  • Kadee said:
    you guys are amazing :) Jul 12
  • CAITLYNxchaos. said:
    amazinggg Jun 03
  • trowaxbarton said:
    i love you guys. your music is never disapointing. Feb 13
  • said:
    you guys are amazing. Dec 06
  • said:
    you guys are amazing. Dec 06

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