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We Shot The Moon

Indie / Pop / Rock

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About to take a huge step in my musical career... singing a song in a second language. The song starts with an F and ends with a D...
about Oct 08 via Twitter
I am a ghost. In Arlington, TX sound checking for tonight's NACA showcase. http://t.co/ru3KNVlf
about Oct 06 via Twitter
Showcasing at #NACACEN tonight!! Have copies of my new album to give away @ the Call Box Entertainment booth #219!
about Oct 06 via Twitter
My bed for the evening. http://t.co/drMBUqSE
about Oct 03 via Twitter
Working on some new tunes with my friend Katy! http://t.co/C6MR77cH
about Oct 03 via Twitter
Bryan Adams, Kazoo, and my diminishing piano skills. http://t.co/AWPSPBbt
about Sep 28 via Twitter
Real men track kazoo. Seriously. http://t.co/PD6REdg3
about Sep 28 via Twitter
Set list for tonight's University of Wisconsin Platteville show. See the Waking Ashland selection? http://t.co/4dYA5fN6
about Sep 26 via Twitter
Not pleased with @tunecore auto renew policy. You just cost me $10 that I had no intention of spending. Auto renew is a scam not connivence
about Sep 26 via Twitter
Hey @tunecore please make it easier to remove albums from your service. I've spent 30 min trying to remove this single and still can't.
about Sep 26 via Twitter

Comments (282)

  • bffan87 said:
    I thought you guys broke up....you have no idea how happy I am that you guys are still a band! Keep it up guys! Jan 26
  • Vesna(: said:
    www.hesadirty.tumblr.com FOLLOW Sep 04
  • Henna said:
    you're amazing Jul 19
  • Gabbie Trejo said:
    love you song guys! Mar 25
  • JustMissedHer said:
    Ugh, you guys are amazing; beautiful music. Mar 15
  • Veronica Leigh said:
    i love you guys! you should come back to lansing michigan this summer! :) Feb 23
  • adang said:
    i listen to your songs every day :D Dec 22
  • beckee said:
    You guys are coming to my school soon! I'm stoked! Oct 11
  • MelissaMuffins™ said:
    love you guys !♥[; Aug 28
  • Denisse Gomez said:
    you're amaziing:) Jul 30
  • dashboarder said:
    great music^^ Jul 21
  • ♫☮_Nancy_☮♫ said:
    cool music!!! i really love it x] Jun 13
  • Aimee said:
    i love you guys :') May 18
  • The Obscurity said:
    i love it all, never get popular so i can listen to you guys without feeling like a poser May 08
  • Tyler.GetReadyForTheBreakdown. said:
    I saw these guys live and they are awesome! Also this band called Apple Horse played with them and they were pretty good (they are a band out of Idaho so they are small right now) so look them up! May 01

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